Available in: Axsy Retail Execution

The Axsy Mobile App supports the ability to include photos as part of the Inventory Check Assessment Task. When using Axsy's Enhanced Inventory Capture, photos can be attached by:

  1. Selecting the Photo icon from the Action Bar at the top of screen
  2. Either taking a live photo with the device camera or selecting an existing photo from the device library
  3. The attached photo will then be included as a File on the Inventory Check Assessment Task record

NOTE: The total number of Photos attached during Inventory Check will be displayed as a numeric badge on the Photo icon.

Figure 1 - Use the "Photo" icon to attach a photo as part of Inventory Check

Figure 2 - Photos can be taken live with the camera or picked from the Device Library

Figure 3 - Photos are attached to the Inventory Check Assessment Task record

Please see this article for more information on capturing photos and associating them to an individual Product as opposed to the overall task: Photo Capture for Individual Products