Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce, Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution

All mapping configuration is done in the Mapping tab of an Element's Edit Window. 

Configure Mapping for a Non-Loop Element

Apart from Text Labels - which cannot be mapped - mapping configuration is done via Mapping tab of the Element's Edit Window. Use the Mapping Lookup Tool to insert the Salesforce field you would like to map to and from.

Configure Mapping for a Loop Element

Mapping configuration for Loop Elements is also done via the Mapping tab of the Loop Element's Edit Window. With Loop Elements, additional configuration fields are available:

  • Field Mapping (Mandatory): For more information on how to configure mappings for Loops with the Mapping Lookup Tool, please see this article: Configuring Mapping Between Loops and Related Lists
  • Data Action (Mandatory):
    • Upsert: Update records where possible, and create new records when the Loop iterates for more times than there are existing records.
    • Update: Update existing records only. No new records will be created and synced back to the Salesforce Platform.
    • Create: Create new records only. No existing records will be modified. 
  • Relationship Field name (Mandatory): For more information on configuring Loops, please see this article: Mapping Related Lists with the Mapping Lookup Tool
  • Order By (Optional): Provide a SOQL ORDER BY clause for how the records should be ordered in the app, e.g., Name ASC.
  • Filter results (Optional): Provide a SOQL WHERE clause to refine what records should be accessed in the loop iterations, e.g., WHERE Account = 'GenePoint'.