Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce, Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution

In the same way you can configure Loops within a Section to repeat for a specified amount of times, you can also do this for the entire Section. 

Configure the Repeating Section in the Designer 

  1. Select the Edit button for the Section.

  2. Navigate to the Repeating tab and select the Repeating? toggle to activate it. 

  3. Configure how many times the Section should repeat.

    • set maxAllowed to number: Set a number in the field.
    • set maxAllowed to field value: Select an Element that will be populated with a numeric value. 
    • set maxAllowed to length of related list configured in Mapping tab: If you decide to map the Repeating Section, you can use the amount of records that are a result of that as a limit.
    • set maxAllowed to number computed by a formula: Create a formula that evaluates to a numeric value. 
  4. When a Section has been configured to repeat, an arrow will appear next to the Section in the Designer.

Mapping Repeating Sections

You can map the Repeating Section so that every time the Section repeats it will be mapping a new Related List record. The steps to configure this mapping are the same as how you configure Loop Mappings. For more information on how to set this up, please see this article: Configure Mapping Between Loops and Related Lists

Repeating Sections Containing Loops

When you configure a Repeating Section with a mapping, any Loops within the Repeating Section will need to have a Field Mapping that is a Related List on the Object that the Section Mapping is iterating over. 

Example: If you configure the Section's Field Mapping to iterate over Work Order Line Item records, any Loops within the Repeating Section would need to have a Field Mapping for a Related List on the Work Order Line Item Object, e.g. Product Requests. So, when running through the Section in the app, the Section would repeat and iterate over different Work Order Line Item records, and the Loops within the Section iterations would loop through Product Request records related to that specific Work Order Line Item record. 

For more information on how to configure the Loop Mapping tab of a Loop in a mapped Repeating Section, please see this article: Mapping for Elements inside Loops inside Repeating Sections

Example Repeating Section in the Axsy Mobile App 

The following example is a Repeating Section that contains a Loop. The user is on the second Repeating Section iteration and the third iteration of a Loop in that Repeating Section iteration. 

NOTE: Loops and Subsections within Repeating Section iterations will be indented in the Side Menu in the Axsy Mobile App.