Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce, Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution

The Axsy Config Tool supports version control. This means that any changes to the configuration are saved initially with a Draft state and that these changes are only deployed to mobile app users once they have been Published. Previous config versions, whether they were ever published are not, are then maintained for historical purposes.

Creating a New Config Version

To create a new App Config Version, select an existing Published version - to be used as a source - from the top-left drop-down list and then select the New version button. A new Draft config version will be created identical to the selected source version.

NOTE: Any previous Published config version, even if not the most recent, can be used as the source for creating a new config version.

Figure 1 - Select an existing Published config version to act as source from the drop-down list on the top-left

Figure 2 - Select the "New version" button to create a new config version based on the source being viewed

Publishing a Config Version

Once a Draft config version has been created, select the Edit button to make any changes to the configuration. Then, once all desired changes are done, publishing the Draft config version can be done by: 

  1. Selecting the Publish button for the Draft config version.
  2. Providing an optional description for the config version being published.
  3. Selecting whether or not the publish action should include the generation of a file representing any required Salesforce metadata. While metadata generation is optional, it is highly recommended to select this option. 
  4. Selecting the Publish button to confirm the publish action.

Please see this article for more information on the generation of metadata: Metadata Generation Setting

Figure 3 - Select the "Publish" button to initiate publishing of the Draft config version

Figure 4 - Provide an optional description for the version being published and specify if a Salesforce metadata file should be generated as part of the publishing process

When you publish a new config version, several output files are created that contain a snapshot of the Axsy Config Tool settings and any additionally required Salesforce metadata. This means that any changes made to the Axsy Config Tool settings and any changes to Salesforce metadata will only be picked up by the Axsy Mobile App when a new config version is published. 

NOTE: Publishing a config version is an asynchronous action. This means it can take a few minutes after selecting the Publish button for the status of the config version to actually change to "Published" and for it to be deployed to users.

NOTE: To help ensure publishing is not blocked: 
  • As the configuration details are stored in a JSON file attached to the App Config Version record that is created, ensure that JSON files are not blacklisted as a file type in the Org.
  • Make sure there aren't any mandatory custom fields on the ContentVersion, ContentDocument or ContentDocumentLink objects, as they will prevent the publish action from creating the necessary output files.
  • Any ContentVersion Triggers will run as the output files are created during publishing. If these Triggers result in an error, it will block publishing, and so it is recommended to either modify the Trigger to avoid the error or disable the Trigger while trying to publish an Axsy Config Version.