Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce, Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution

Additional Object Lists that have been configured to be included in the Axsy Mobile App's main menu support switching between the different List Views that are configured for that object on the Salesforce Platform. However, some features are currently unsupported with regards to List Views.

Unsupported List View Features

  • Only the query scope of mine is supported. Other scopes are currently unsupported.
  • The filter operators contains and does not contain are unsupported for picklist and multi-select picklist fields.

  • Using the WHERE clause on Polymorphic Salesforce fields (e.g. conditions that use fields like Visit Owner or Location).

Viewing the List View SOQL Query with Workbench

  1. To view the SOQL query that is generated from a List View, login to Workbench and navigate to REST Explorer.

  2. Enter /services/data/v53.0/sobjects/Object/listviews as a GET request and open the listviews folder. Open a List View folder and then select its describeURL.

  3. You can then inspect its properties and its SOQL query.

List View Sort Order

The list view sort order will be pre-determined by Axsy based on the available indexed fields available for an object.

You may modify the sort order between Ascending and Descending via the sort button.

The choice of sort field and sort order, currently differs from the sorting of object field records in Salesforce web view which is reflected in the Salesforce mobile app. Axsy will provide similar sort options to the Salesforce web / mobile view in a future Axsy release.

Use of Record Types

If you make use of Salesforce Record Types, for example to provide different pick list values or to limit access to Record Types for user profiles, then the Axsy sync configuration will not currently detect these. This will mean any variations in behaviour expected from use of Record Types will not be reflected in the the Axsy mobile app.

Axsy recommend providing informative labels to advise users that certain options should not be used when they are available. A future Axsy release will include support for Record Type variations.