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With Axsy's Enhanced Order Capture using the Axsy Plugin architecture, it is possible to adapt and extend the Axsy Mobile App's out-of-the-box Order Capture user experience to meet the needs of specific industries and businesses. One such industry with particular needs when it comes to placing Orders is the Clothing and Apparel Industry due to the high number of Product variants - across different colours and sizes - that can exist for a base Product.

To handle the large number of Product variants that can be available - for example, an article of clothing that comes in 7 different sizes and 6 different colours would have 42 different variants - Axsy has available an Order Capture Plugin with a UX designed specifically for efficient navigation through such product catalogues when creating an Order.

NOTE: The standard Salesforce data model for Products is typically insufficient for properly modeling Products that have a high numbers of variants such as what is common in the Clothing and Apparel Industry. As such, extension of the Product data model with additional custom fields and objects is likely required to properly reflect the desired Product catalogue. Therefore, please consult with Axsy to ensure proper integration of your data model with the Axsy Order Capture Plugin for Clothing and Apparel.

Please see this article for more information on Axsy's standard out-of-the-box Enhanced Order Capture UX: Enhanced Order Capture

Ordering Product Variants for Colour and Size

The Axsy Order Capture Plugin for Clothing and Apparel makes use of a matrix UI for displaying different size and colour variants for a Product. On the main Order screen, rather than list each Product variant one after another, the plugin only lists the base Products. Selecting the '+' icon next to the base Product name will then bring up a new screen with all available variants in a matrix - each column representing a size variant and each row representing a colour variant.

Each cell of the matrix represents a combination of size and colour of the parent base Product and each cell displays the price for that specific size-colour variant along with an input box for specifying an order quantity for that size-colour variant. Quantity values can be entered directly or incremented/decremented by using the '+' and '-' buttons. Having all variants for a base Product available in a single dedicated screen makes it easier to see, at a glance, the distribution of quantities being ordered for a single base Product across all of its variants.

Example: For a base Product that has 7 available sizes across 6 available colours, the out-of-the-box Axsy Order Capture UI would represent this as 42 separate Product rows in the main Order screen. With the Axsy Order Capture Plugin for Clothing and Apparel, this is instead displayed as a single Product row in the main Order screen with that row expandable to a dedicated 6x7 variant matrix.

Figure 1 - The main Order screen will list any base/parent Products - selecting the '+' icon will bring up a matrix with all Product variants

Figure 2 -  Each size variant is represented as a column with each colour variant represented as a row and unique quantities can be set for each size-colour combination

Ordering Pre-Defined Product Bundles

In addition to ordering individual Product variants via the matrix view, the Axsy Order Capture Plugin for Clothing and Apparel also allows ordering Product bundles that are pre-defined collections of Products with a set number of Product variants and quantities per variant.

Example: A t-shirt company could sell all available sizes and colours of a particular t-shirt model to a retail store via a Product bundle that includes 20 units of each size and colour combination.

Directly from the main Order screen, users can set the quantity of how many Product bundles they want to add to the Order. Selecting the "info" icon next to the Product bundle name will show the contents of the bundle: the Product variants that are included and the amount of each. This screen is read-only as the contents of a Product bundle are pre-defined and cannot be edited.

Figure 3 - The main Order screen will list any Product bundles - selecting the "info" icon will display the contents of the bundle

Figure 4 - The contents of the bundle - the included Product variants and their quantities - are not editable


Return Orders

Along with creating Sales Orders, the Axsy Order Capture Plugin for Clothing and Apparel also supports the creation of Return Orders. When creating a new Order the user is first prompted to choose the type of Order they want to create.

Figure 5 - On Order creation, the user is asked for the type of Order they want to start

The main Order screen for a Return Order is able to have a different layout than a Sales Order. Additional column fields may be presented if additional information needs to be captured for a Return Order, or some column fields that are relevant for a Sales Order can be hidden if those same fields are non-applicable for a Return Order. The type of Products that can are available for a Return Order can also differ compared to a Sales Order.

Example: A company may not allow complete bundles to be returned, instead only allowing individual, un-bundled Products to be returned. Also, for those individual Products, a company may only care about the total number of base/parent Products being returned with no need to specify quantities for each size and colour variant being returned.

Figure 6 - Return Orders can display different information than Sales Orders