Available in: Axsy Retail Execution

You can launch Axsy's Enhanced Order Capture by navigating to a Retail Store record, in addition to launching from a Place Order Task. When doing so, the Retail Store will be automatically assigned as the Retail Store for the Order.

Setup on Salesforce

  1.  In order for the Retail Store to be associated with the Order record that is launched, the custom Axsy field Retail_Store__c needs to be added to the page layout of the Retail Store object.

  2. To easily access a list of Retail Store records for which to create Orders, it is strongly recommended that you add the Retail Store object to the app's sync configuration and as a main menu object list via the Axsy Config Tool.

In the App

  1. Navigate to a Retail Store record and select the Orders tab.

  2. Select Create Order to start your Order.
  3. To view the Order on the Salesforce Platform, navigate to the Orders object record list, or navigate to the Orders related list for the Retail Store for which you have created the Order.