Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce, Axsy Retail Execution

Axsy's Enhanced Order Capture lets users create Orders with ease and efficiency using a tabular-UI experience.

Creating an Order

Orders are able to be created from multiples places within the Axsy Mobile App:

  • From a Retail Store record
  • From an Account record
  • As an Assessment Tasks assigned to a Visit

To create a new Order, select the Create Order button.

Continuing a Draft Order

If draft Orders exist, they will be listed under the Create Order button. To continue a draft Order, select the desired Order and then the Edit button.

Refine the Product List

There are various ways you can refine the Product List to easily locate Products. 


Search for specific products by name in the search bar. 


To sort Products, select the Sort button on the main Order screen. 


To apply filters, select the Filter button on the main Order screen and select the filters you want to apply - you can select more than one filter.

Scan in a Barcode 

Select the More button on the main Order screen and then select Scan Product.



Adding Products to Your Order


To add quantities of Products to your Order, select the + and - buttons for the product. You can also manually enter an exact quantity.

Access Order History to Pre-Populate an Order Amount for a Product

Select the Order History column for a Product row and then select Set Quantity. Available options are individual amounts recorded for previous orders, or an average amount calculated from all previous orders.

Pre-Populate Amounts for a Set of Products from a Previous Order

You can also pre-populate amounts for all the Products purchased in a previous Order, or average amounts for all Products based on all Previous orders. To do this, select the Quantity button at the top of the main order screen and select the appropriate option. 

Applying Discounts

To apply a discount to a single Product or multiple Products, select the Discount button for a Product row. 

Select a discount amount and then the Validate button. To apply the discount amount to all products, select the toggle button at the bottom of the screen, above the Validate button. 

When the completed order gets sync back to salesforce, the selected discount gets adjusted on the Unit Price of the Order Item while the List Price field retains the original price.

Change Pricebooks

If you want to change the Pricebook associated with the Order, select the More button at the top of the main Order screen and then select Select Pricebook

NOTE: When you change the Pricebook for the Order, a new Order record will be created and the previous one will be deleted.

Save the Order  

If you select the exit button at the top right corner of the main Order screen, you will be prompted to save your changes. If you select Save, your Order will be saved as a draft OrderTo continue with the order, select it and then select the Edit button above. 

Confirm and Complete the Order 

To confirm your Order, select either the Confirm button at the top of the main Order screen or the Next button at the bottom of the main Order screen. The Order Summary screen will be presented to you.

Select the Confirm button again at the bottom of the screen to sync your completed Order back to Salesforce.