Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce, Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution

Text, Numeric, Picklist, Text Label, Boolean and Date Elements can all be set to a default value. These default values can be editable, set to read-only, or set to be invisible values that are not viewable in Smart Form UI of the Axsy Mobile App but are included in the Form Response sent to Salesforce.

Please see this article for more information on the differences between 'Hidden' and 'Invisible' Elements: Differences Between 'Hidden' and 'Invisible' Elements

Setting a Default Value

To set a default value for any of the Elements listed above, navigate to the Defaults tab of the Element Edit window. In the Default Value text box, enter either a default value or a formula. Three radio buttons will appear under the text box for Text, Numeric, Picklist, Boolean and Date Elements.

NormalThe default value will be populated in the form and is editable by the user.
Read OnlyThe default value will be populated but will not be available for editing.
InvisibleThe field will be invisible in the Smart Form UI but will be available in the corresponding Form Response such that any mappings can be applied.

NOTE: Text Label Elements can only be read-only. In this case, when a default value is set for a Text Label, no radio buttons appear. If no default value is defined or if the formula returns a blank value, the normal Label defined under the General tab is used.

NOTE: When creating a Picklist, there is a toggle option to use the first value as the default. The Defaults tab in the Edit window overrides this setting if a value is defined. For more on Picklist Elements, please see this article: Picklists - How to Configure a Standard Picklist

It is good practice to consider the configuration of the Visibility tab in the Edit window of an Element, as the Visibility tab has controlling factors that take precedence over the radio buttons in the Defaults tab. If you have a Visibility Formula that results in the Element being hidden, no information will be included in the Form Response, even if the Element is set to Invisible under the Defaults tab.