Available in: Axsy Retail Execution

When viewing the main Visit list within the Axsy Mobile App, other than the Location which will always be the primary field listed, the list of secondary fields displayed for each Visit is configurable via the Salesforce Platform.

Configuring the List of Visit Fields

The subset of secondary fields displayed for each Visit record, and the order in which they are displayed, will be based on the field columns that are configured for the All Visits List View in the Salesforce Web UI. Any empty fields for a Visit will be omitted.

NOTE: If the Location is one of the field columns in the All Visits List View, it will be omitted as secondary field as it will always be listed as the primary field.

Figure 1 - 'All Visits' List View configured in the Salesforce Web UI

Figure 2 - The corresponding Visit list in the Axsy Public Sector Mobile App