Available in: Axsy Public Sector

To assign Tasks to a Visit, an Action Plan Template first needs to be created that defines the set of Tasks that are to be executed during a Visit.

Please see this Salesforce page for more information on Salesforce's Action Plans and Action Plan Templates: Action Plans

Creating an Action Plan Template

  1. Navigate to the App Launcher on the Salesforce Web UI and select Action Plan Templates
  2. Select New 
    • For Target Object, select Visit from the picklist
    • For Action Plan Type, select Assessment Execution from the picklist

  3. Select Save
  4. Once the Action Plan Template has been created, select one of the buttons - e.g. Add Assessment Task Definition or New Task - to add a first Task to the Action Plan Template

  5. Fill in the necessary details for the new Task and select Save

  6. To add more Tasks, select New and then the appropriate Task from the top of the screen

  7. Once all Task definitions have been added, select Publish Template

NEXT STEPS: You can now connect the created Action Plan Template with a Visit. Please see this article for more information: Create a Visit with a Public Sector Action Plan