Available in: Axsy Field Service

The Axsy Mobile App supports the creation of Service Reports as per Salesforce Field Service. 

Please see this Salesforce page for more information on how to setup and customise your Service Report Template: Create Service Report Templates

Creating Service Reports

To create a Service Report for a Service Appointment and Work Order:

  1. From the Overview tab of the Work Order, scroll down to the Service Report section

  2. Tap the Create Service Report button which will generate a preview of the report to be created

  3. Scroll down and tap the Get signature button to capture any signatures required for the report

  4. Capture any signatures using the device's touch screen and select Save

  5. Select the Generate Service Report button to generate PDF document of the service report which will be associated to the Service Appointment record

  6. The generated service report will now be listed at the top of the Overview tab for the Work Order

NOTE: As PDF generation of the service report generation happens on the Salesforce Platform, if you select the Generate Service Report button when you are offline, the report generation request will be stored in the Pending Uploads Queue and will sync to Salesforce automatically when a data connection is made available.

Viewing Past Service Reports

The top of the Overview tab for the Work Order will display the most recent service report that was generated. If more than one service report has been generated, selecting the View all service reports button will display a list of all reports.

Selecting the PDF icon for a service report - whether from the top of the Overview tab or from the list of all service reports - will display the PDF report. 

Selecting the timestamp for a service report will bring display the option to generate a newer version of the service report by selecting the Update button

NOTE: When updating an existing service report, this creates a new PDF service report based on the most up-to-date Service Appointment and Work Order data. Any existing service reports is not deleted.