Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce, Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution

The Settings tab of the Axsy Mobile app in the Salesforce Web UI provides access to the Axsy Config Tool which is used for configuring the behaviour of the Axsy Mobile App. The Global tab for the Axsy Config Tool is where various global app settings are defined.


When viewing the Global tab of the Axsy Config Tool, selecting the General option from the side menu presents general settings related to the Axsy Mobile App.

Geo-tracking OptionsSpecifies the frequency of how often the Axsy Mobile App reports user geo-location information for tracking in the Axsy Map Console. The No tracking option disables geo-tracking.
Support EmailSpecifies what email address to present under the Report An Issue option on the Axsy Mobile App's Settings screen. Optional.
AnalyticsThis setting is deprecated.

Please see this article for more information on how app event data is captured: Axsy Events Console.
Advanced SettingsSpecifies whether the Advanced Settings option should be available on the Axsy Mobile App's Settings screen.
Maximum Record Count For ListsNumeric value specifying the maximum number of records to be displayed for any record list in the Axsy Mobile App.
Side MenuCheckbox that determines if the Axsy Mobile App should use the side menu or the legacy menu anchored to the bottom of the screen.

NOTE: This setting is only applicable to Field Service. It is recommended to use the side menu as the legacy menu does not support all app functionality.