Available in: Axsy Field Service


After installing an upgrade to the Axsy Managed Package, push notifications to the mobile apps stop working.

Root Cause

Notifications require a Salesforce custom setting to be enabled for push notifications to work. Occasionally this setting is not enabled after a Managed Package upgrade.


Step 1

  • Locate and select Custom Settings from Salesforce Setup
  • From the list of Custom Settings click on Axsy FSL Mobile

Figure 1 – Custom Settings

Step 2

  • From the Custom Setting Definition for Axsy FSL Mobile, select Manage

Figure 2 – Custom Settings Definition

Step 3

  • Next, check to see if the Axsy FSL Mobile Setting is absent or present, check Figures 3 and 4 to verify which applies to your case.

Figure 3 – Axsy FSL Mobile Custom Settings Absent

Figure 4 – Axsy FSL Mobile Custom Settings Present

If you do not have a custom setting for Axsy FSL as shown in Figure 3, then continue with the remainder of the steps in this FAQ.

If you do have a custom setting as shown in Figure 4, then push notifications should be working, please verify by assigning a Service Appointment to a user.

Step 4

  • With reference to Figure 3, click New
  • From the Axsy FSL Mobile Edit screen, click Save (do not make any changes)

Figure 5 – Axsy FSL Mobile Edit Screen

Step 5

  • Navigate back to show Figure 4 to confirm the Axsy FSL Mobile Custom Settings are present
  • Push notifications should now be working, please verify by assigning a Service Appointment to a user.