Available in: Axsy Mobile for Salesforce, Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution

Once you have created an Axsy Smart Form, you can make the Smart Form available in the Axsy Mobile App by setting up a Salesforce Flow. This article describes how to do so with a Salesforce Flow which, at run-time, will dynamically determine the Axsy Smart Form to be run based on a custom record field.

Please see this article for more information on creating a custom record field to be used and referenced within the Flow: Deploying Smart Forms with Salesforce Flow - Custom Record Field

Configure the Flow on the Salesforce Platform

Create the Flow

  1. From Salesforce Setup, use the Quick Find search and type in "Flows".
  2. Under Process Automation, select Flows. For a new Smart Form, select New Flow.

  3. From the Menu options, select Screen Flow and then Create.

Create Flow Resources

Using the New Resource button, create the following Flow Variables with the following parameters:

  • A Text variable for the Salesforce ID of the record running the Smart Form

    API NameId
    Data TypeText
    Available for inputChecked
    Available for outputChecked

  • A Text variable for the Salesforce ID of the Smart Form to run

    API NameFormID
    Data TypeText

Once these Resources are created the Salesforce Flow can be configured.

Configure the Flow

  1. Add a new Get Record Element to the Flow that will retrieve the record running the Smart Form from the Salesforce ID that launched the Flow. Set its parameters to the following and then select Done:

    API NameGetRunningRecord
    ObjectSet this to the object, e.g. Work Order, that is intended to run the Smart Form
    Condition RequirementsAll Conditions Are Met (AND)
    • Field: Id
    • Operator: Equals
    • Value: {!Id}
    Sort OrderNot Sorted
    How Many Records to StoreOnly the first record
    How to Store Record DataChoose fields and assign variables (advanced)
    Where to Store Field ValuesIn separate variables

  2. Add a new Action Element to the Flow.

  3. Using the search box, type in "Axsy" and select the Launch Smart Form action.

  4. Toggle the FormId parameter to "Included" and then set it to the variable created earlier: {!FormID}

  5. Save your changes and Activate the Flow.

Now that you have successfully configured and activated your Salesforce Flow, you can now deploy it the Axsy Mobile App using a Quick Action or a Flow Assessment Task.