Available in: Axsy Field Service, Axsy Public Sector, Axsy Retail Execution, Axsy Mobile for Salesforce

Offline-First Architecture

Axsy's offline support is achieved by first synchronising all of the relevant metadata, records, quick actions and Axsy Smart Forms from the Salesforce platform to the mobile app immediately after initial log-in. 

Figure 1 – Axsy Offline First Architecture

Axsy Sync Config Tool

As part of the Axsy solution, the Axsy Sync Config Tool, accessible from the Salesforce platform, is used to configure the data that needs to be synchronised to users mobile devices to enable them to work offline.

Data Security

While data is transmitted to and from the Salesforce platform and whilst data is stored in the Axsy mobile app, encryption techniques are used to protect all customer data, please see our security posture article for more details.