Available in: Axsy Public Sector

The following notes relate to working with and deploying Dynamic Assessments:

  • Editing/managing Dynamic Assessments: Once an OmniScript has been created for a Dynamic Assessment, changes to Question and Regulatory Code records are not automatically reflected in the OmniScript. To refresh questions to the latest active question version, click “Edit Form” in OmniStudio and, once the refresh completes, click “OK”.

When a new OmniScript version is created within OmniStudio, even though the Omni Assessment Task will still refer to the previous version, the Salesforce runtime & Axsy mobile app will present the latest active OmniScript version to users.

The OmniScript editor allows for new elements to be added which are not supported by Dynamic Assessments e.g. data raptors. Salesforce advises that assessment authors only add conditionality logic, make cosmetic changes (labels, text block contents) and remove unneeded elements (file upload, compliance status). Axsy does not support Lightning Components in OmniScripts.

  • Limited Dynamic Assessment export/import capabilities: Although OmniScript supports some export/import capabilities, imports cannot be applied to an Omni Assessment Task. Therefore, Assessment Questions have to be exported/imported separately and a new Omni Assessment Task has to be created. 

  • OmniScript element size restrictions: A single OmniScript cannot exceed 200 elements. The following Salesforce article will provide more information.

  • Limited Dynamic Assessment deployment: Dynamic Assessments can only be deployed via Action Plan's Generic Tasks (a.k.a Omni Assessment Task). Running a Dynamic Assessment via Lightening Actions and other Assessment Tasks types are not supported.